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In early March 2013, Reylana and Asmodayo - while playing Tera - realized they were hoarders. As their in-game bank became fuller and fuller, they realized something needed to be done.

March 6, 2013 they started Valor of Valkyon...for bank space. After a couple of days (and after enduring many dungeon runs with frustrating people), they decided to see if any like-minded people wanted to join their small group to tackle objectives with a team.

Valor of Valkyon continued to grow slowly...3 members - 10 members - 50. It averaged out at 150 and remained there for awhile, while talks about "becoming too large" we're discussed. Many members expressed their worries of becoming "too large" but the guild was running smooth and a community was growing.

After a little bit of time, the first Chancellor of Valor of Valkyon was appointed (this persons name will not be stated). In the midst of his time as Chancellor we were dominated in our first attempt at running for Vanarch of Velika through voting. He reigned under Asmodayo and Reylana for a little over 2 months, before crumbling under pressure and being removed from the guild.

After a couple of weeks without a Chancellor, the GMs felt one was needed to help the guild grow and prosper - Alesania (Luvrice) was appointed and still reigns under Asmodayo and Reylana. With his help, they were able to get the guild back on track.

Within a few weeks, the guild began to go through an overhaul. Members were appointed to Council seats - Wayreth, Zero.Flare (our longest running membership), Lirska, Lovaas, Envarice, Flameflinger, and Argost made up the Council roster.

Valor of Valkyon took one last shot at earning Vanarch of the Velika area through PvP. The guild was choosing between the Velika area and the Allemantheia area when Asmodayo received a tip from the guild Notional that nobody would be running in the Velika area. This sparked an alliance between the two guilds. When the competition began, there were actually 13 guilds running for Vanarch in the Velika area. Valor of Valkyon came in second behind The Hunters.

After failing to win Vanarch, problems arose and 2 members - who disagreed with current guild objectives, policies, and beliefs - went off to begin their own guild. The guild they created failed within a week.

The guild began another overhaul and shifted Council seats. Wayreth assumed the second Chancellor seat as the guild population began to grew rapidly.

As Valor of Valkyon continued to grow, Tera introduced its Alliance patch, which began Valor of Valkyon's new chapter.

Sparked by the EME sponsored guild fair in Velika's Freedom Plaza, Valor of Valkyon began holding guild parades through various towns and areas. These parades caused a huge influx.

Valor of Valkyon's numbers reached max capacity (300 members) and they were faced with a difficult decision - turn people away who wanted to join or find an alternative. It was joked about in the past about having multiple guilds, but was laughed off by the thought it would never come to that. Deep in thought at work, Asmodayo ran it past Reylana. The matter was brought up in a Council meeting and was voted - yes. August 25, 2013 began the newest chapter - V o V.

With the beginning of V oV, there was an understanding that the empty Council seats would need to be filled. Also with the addition of new ranks, the GMs and Chancellors wanted them filled with respectable members.

Many members earned promotions to "Knight" and "Templar" ranks. Lady.Squishy and Flameflinger (formerly Council seat holders) were promoted to Chancellors due to their dedication to the guild and the help they gave to V o V. Vitruvius, Mythoria, Adastreia, and Hell.On.Wheels were appointed to their Council seats due to their greatly appreciated help with guilds and guild issues.

This chapter is still being played out today. You - the one reading this - are or can be a part of our story. If you're a member of Valor of Valkyon - thank you. If you aren't a member - feel free to join us and be a part of our ongoing story!