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(Dec 27, 2013)
sorry for my absence, I had an assistant quit and haven't had a day off in 3 weeks. I'm hoping to get some game time in this week!
(Dec 17, 2013)
(Dec 11, 2013)
i was hoping that texas would get snow where i am but nope nature give us a middle finger instead straight cold ice
(Dec 09, 2013)
I wasn't able to get to work Saturday or Sunday, and to top off that my wifi at home isn't working. Stupid ice storms.
(Dec 07, 2013)
damn. you home now?
(Dec 06, 2013)
Dallas is under attack! We got pelted with sleet/freezing rain and I just took a 4 hour, 20 mile trip home from work.
(Dec 04, 2013)
(Dec 04, 2013)
Happy birthday, Rag!
(Dec 02, 2013)
it's ok, I think a few of us have been switching back and forth between WoW and Tera. I know myself and a few others have been.
(Nov 30, 2013)
im sort of back lol been playing WoW dont judge
(Nov 27, 2013)
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Flame!
(Nov 26, 2013)
heading out of town for thanksgiving where I will have no stable internet. I'll see you folks Thursday night or Friday!
(Nov 24, 2013)
Happy Birthday, Keowyn!
(Nov 17, 2013)
(Nov 16, 2013)
lol i didnt realize i made that type even after reading your shout xD
(Nov 13, 2013)
I don't know about "ipones" but iPwn some times
(Nov 12, 2013)
ill have to check it out. rey and i play underworld empires on our ipones
(Nov 10, 2013)
the game is great at wasting time while work is slow lol
(Nov 10, 2013)
anyone playing knights and dragons on mobile add me to your friends WBF-WNG-CMN
(Nov 07, 2013)
hey, Flamesworth.